Branding & Marketing Consultancy

Creating Brands
that Inspire.

Design-centric Approach

Design thinking is at the center of everything we do.

Brands with Purpose

We create brands that are inspiring, memorable, and bold.

Stories for Impact

We craft and tell your brand’s story for a consistent and comprehensive experience.

Our Branding Process

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Our process starts with extensive research and exploration to come up with unique ideas.  

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Our purpose-driven discovery sessions with your team let us select the ideas worth pursuing.  

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We create effective strategies and powerful identities based on our discovery session.  

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Finally, we move toward designing memorable experiences to connect people to your brand.  

Logo Design &
Identity Systems

We work collaboratively to create the most attractive and engaging image of your brand. Whether you need a new identity system for your brand your redesign an existing one, we’re here to help. Through well-thought-out research and countless iterations, we’ll design logos and a comprehensive brand identity that is versatile and distinctive.  

Brand Guideline

We know how frustrating it is when your brand’s message isn’t consistent across all platforms. We’ll create a comprehensive brand style kit and brand guideline templates for you, so that your brand’s messaging and communication remains intact across every medium you can ever imagine!  

Brand Collaterals

What are your consumers’ favorite ways to interact with your brand? By means of advertising? Is it printed material? Or social media? Whether it’s through print, digital, or video advertising, we can help make your voice heard by translating your brand into an infinite number of print, digital, and video campaigns.  

Environmental Design

Brands aren’t only seen; they’re also felt. A company’s logo and online presence aren’t the only part of how brands communicate. Displays, signs, wayfinding posters, as well as interior and exterior architecture- are all designed to help your brand work in any environment.  


Research is at the heart of everything we do, and our first step toward starting any project.

Revenue Focused

We know what’s most important to you, and we focus our efforts on generating more of that.

Customer-Centric Approach

We craft strategies in order to be on top of the minds of your customers.

Our Marketing Process

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Everything at Cuebites starts with research. We study your business, your competitors, and your industry.  

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We then devise strategies based on the insights gathered from our research.  

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The next step is to develop value-generating campaigns that ensure seamless interactions.  

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The campaigns go through continuous optimization to obtain the best outcomes.  

Social Media

Social media is the key to generating a flood of new prospects and closing more sales in today’s world. We create customer-centric, revenue-boosting social media marketing strategies for you, so that you draw your potential buyers down through the marketing funnel. From managing your social media accounts to helping you create your digital strategy- we’ve got your back!  

Digital Campaign Strategy

Most of the time, it gets really confusing when you’re starting to think about running a digital marketing campaign- Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter- so many channels to choose from! Digital marketing initiatives can fail if you don’t know how to use any of these platforms. But fret not; we’re here to help! We’ll run revenue-focused digital advertising campaigns for you, so that you can be heard in seen wherever your audience is!  

Marketing Collaterals

A well-thought-out advertisement can bring excellent results, whereas the opposite can erode your brand value. Be it a digital campaign or an offline one; we’re here to create well-curated and distinctive branding, advertising, and printing materials for you- so that you’ll never have to worry about posting that Instagram carousel or placing that poster for your new event!  

Why Digital Marketing?




Online Ad Buys

5¢ – $3/Click

Social Media Marketing

$1 Per 10,000 People Reach

Email Marketing



Broadcast Media


Magazine Ad Buys


Newspaper Ad Buys

$10,000/Per Full Page

Direct Mail


Our Clients

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