June 4, 2020

Asia Analytica

What we did

We developed a unique and modern brand identity for Asia Analytica, which is crucial for identifying and distinguishing their brand in consumer’s minds.


Develop a branding design and create a well-defined brand identity to help Asia Analytica position them amid their target market.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Branding & Strategy

  • Client

    Asia Analytica

Open Project
Asia Analytica is a renowned research and institutional service provider, based in China. Their services range from reports to conferences and presentations about the Chinese political and economic situations. They approached Cuebites to develop a distinctive brand identity for them, which would help them position their brand into the minds of their target group. Our team of brand design experts developed an effective brand identity aligned to their target audience, brand image, vision and goals.

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