June 3, 2019

Family Court of Australia

What we did

We have developed an explainer video with motion design which is used to demonstrate their website, and explain what they do.


Create an explainer video for the Family court of Australia to showcase and explain their website. The motion design and script writing of the explainer video were done with their brand guidelines and consistency in mind. 

  • Strategy

    Video Editing, Promo

  • Design


  • Client

    Family Court of Australia

Open Project

Client Overview

The Family Court of Australia, a federal court dealing with family law matters, sought to enhance user understanding of their website and services through an engaging explainer video. Cuebites was enlisted to create a motion-designed explainer video with a script that adhered to their brand guidelines and maintained consistency.


Cuebites took on the task of creating an informative and visually engaging explainer video for the Family Court of Australia. The goal was to showcase their website functionality, explain their services, and provide an overview of the court’s activities, all while adhering to the brand guidelines for a consistent visual identity.

Scope of Work

  1. Motion Design and Script Writing: Cuebites assembled a team of skilled motion designers and scriptwriters to develop an explainer video for the Family Court of Australia. The focus was on creating visually appealing motion design elements that effectively conveyed information while maintaining brand consistency. Script writing aimed to provide a clear and concise explanation of the court’s website and services.

  2. Demonstration of Website Functionality: The explainer video was designed to showcase the functionality of the Family Court of Australia’s website. Motion graphics and animations were used to visually demonstrate key features, ensuring that viewers could easily understand how to navigate and utilize the website.

  3. Explanation of Court Activities: The scriptwriters crafted content that effectively explained the activities of the Family Court of Australia and its role in handling family law matters. This involved creating engaging infographics and visuals to illustrate the court’s processes and functions.


  1. Engaging Explainer Video: Cuebites delivered an engaging explainer video that effectively communicated the Family Court of Australia’s website functionality and services. The motion design elements were visually appealing, contributing to an informative and captivating viewing experience.

  2. Brand Consistency: The motion design and script adhered to the brand guidelines of the Family Court of Australia, ensuring consistency with their visual identity. This approach reinforced the court’s professionalism and authority in the legal domain.

  3. Clear Explanation of Activities: The script provided a clear and concise explanation of the court’s activities, supported by engaging infographics and visuals. This helped demystify the court’s processes and functions for a wider audience.


Cuebites successfully delivered an explainer video that effectively showcased the Family Court of Australia’s website, explained their services, and provided a clear overview of their activities. This project demonstrates our expertise in motion design and scriptwriting, tailored to meet the specific needs and brand guidelines of a federal court. The explainer video serves as a valuable tool for the Family Court of Australia to enhance user understanding and engagement with their online presence.

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