June 3, 2022

Gorayadoors CRM

Problem Statement

Goraya Building Supplies Pty Ltd is a building supplies company that provides a wide range of construction materials to contractors, builders, and DIY enthusiasts across Australia. The company has a large customer base and a wide range of products, which makes it challenging to manage customer relationships and sales activities efficiently.


Custom Software Development for a door manufacturing company.

  • Design

    Custom Software Development, Web Application

  • Client


Open Project

Cuebites has extensive experience in developing custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes. By utilizing this expertise, Cuebites will help Goraya Building Supplies Pty Ltd streamline its customer relationship management processes, improve communication with customers, and increase sales efficiency. The software will be designed to meet the specific needs of Goraya Building Supplies Pty Ltd and will be scalable to accommodate future growth.


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