March 17, 2022

NYC Beauty

What we did

Our web designer team designed a professional and user-friendly website, and developed it according to the target audience of NYC Beauty. We also automated their inventory management system to simplify their tasks.


Design and develop a professional website for the e-commerce business NYC Beauty, as well as develop an automated inventory management system.

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    UX Design, Web Development

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    NYC Beauty

Open Project

Client Overview

NYC Beauty, a global e-commerce platform offering a diverse range of clothing, cosmetics, and beauty products, enlisted Cuebites to design and develop a professional website for their Australian subsidiary. The project also included the development of an automated inventory management system to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.


Cuebites embraced the challenge of creating a user-friendly and professional website tailored to NYC Beauty’s global e-commerce business. The primary goals were to cater to the target audience, showcase a wide range of products seamlessly, and implement an automated inventory management system for operational simplicity.

Scope of Work

  1. Target Audience-Centric Design: Our web design team collaborated closely with NYC Beauty to understand their target audience. The resulting website was designed with a focus on providing a professional and user-friendly experience, ensuring easy navigation and an appealing aesthetic.

  2. E-commerce Website Development: Cuebites developed the website with a keen eye on convenience for NYC Beauty’s customers. The platform showcases the diverse product range, which includes clothing, cosmetics, and beauty products, in an organized and visually appealing manner. The user-friendly design encourages engagement and facilitates seamless transactions.

  3. Automated Inventory Management System: Recognizing the importance of efficient inventory management, Cuebites implemented a customized system for NYC Beauty. This automated solution ensures real-time tracking of inventory levels, automated order processing, and synchronization with the e-commerce platform to prevent stock discrepancies.

  4. Responsive Design for Global Accessibility: The website was built with a responsive design to ensure accessibility across various devices, catering to the global audience of NYC Beauty. This approach enhances the user experience and allows customers to engage with the platform from anywhere.


  1. Professional and User-Friendly Website: NYC Beauty now boasts a professional website designed for a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. The user-centric design enhances the overall perception of the brand and encourages customer engagement.

  2. Diverse Product Showcase: The website effectively showcases NYC Beauty’s wide range of products, including clothing, cosmetics, and beauty items. The organized presentation enables customers to easily explore and make informed purchase decisions.

  3. Automated Inventory Management: The implemented inventory management system has significantly improved operational efficiency for NYC Beauty. Real-time tracking and automation minimize errors, allowing the company to maintain accurate stock levels and enhance order fulfillment processes.

  4. Global Accessibility: The responsive design of the website ensures accessibility for the global audience, contributing to a broader reach and increased potential for customer engagement and sales.


Cuebites successfully delivered a professional and user-friendly e-commerce platform for NYC Beauty, complemented by an automated inventory management system. The project showcases Cuebites’ ability to tailor digital solutions to the specific needs of a global e-commerce business, providing not only a visually appealing website but also optimizing operational processes for enhanced efficiency. NYC Beauty is now well-equipped to navigate the competitive e-commerce landscape with an elevated online presence and streamlined inventory management.

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