March 17, 2022


What we did

We build the entire brand identity that distinguishes them in the market. Furthermore, we designed and developed a user-friendly tech website that showcases all of their products for customers to purchase. We also developed an automated inventory management system for them.


Create a whole brand identity, design and develop a website for their brand, as well as automate their inventory management system.

  • Strategy

    Web Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Web Design, UI Design

  • Client


Open Project
Techpandora is an e-commerce site, and a tech solution based in Australia. Along with tech products, various ranges of products including clothing, kitchen tools, beauty and health items, cleaning tools and gaming are all available in their website. They approached us to build their brand identity, develop their website and automate the inventory management system. Our web designers designed and developed a user-friendly website for them, while our brand design experts built a brand identity keeping their target audience, image and goals in mind. Our system automated their inventory management as well. With the website we built for them, customers can easily navigate the products of their choice and purchase without any difficulty.

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