March 17, 2022


What we did

We build the entire brand identity that distinguishes them in the market. Furthermore, we designed and developed a user-friendly tech website that showcases all of their products for customers to purchase. We also developed an automated inventory management system for them.


Create a whole brand identity, design and develop a website for their brand, as well as automate their inventory management system.

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    Web Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    Web Design, UI Design

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Open Project

Client Overview

Techpandora, an innovative e-commerce platform based in Australia, approached Cuebites with a multifaceted challenge. The task included the creation of a distinctive brand identity that would set them apart in the market, the design and development of a user-friendly website showcasing a diverse range of products, and the automation of their inventory management system to streamline operations.


Cuebites took on the comprehensive project with the aim of not only establishing a strong brand presence for Techpandora but also creating a seamless and visually appealing online platform for customers. The primary goals were to enhance user experience, showcase a broad product range, and automate inventory management to improve overall efficiency.

Scope of Work

  1. Brand Identity Development: Cuebites collaborated closely with Techpandora to understand their target audience, vision, and goals. Our brand design experts developed a unique brand identity that reflected the company’s values, ensuring consistency in visual elements across all communication channels.

  2. E-commerce Website Design and Development: Our web designers set out to create a user-friendly website that not only showcased Techpandora’s diverse product range, including tech products, clothing, kitchen tools, beauty and health items, cleaning tools, and gaming accessories, but also facilitated easy navigation and seamless purchasing for customers.

  3. Automated Inventory Management System: Recognizing the importance of efficient inventory management, Cuebites developed a customized automated system for Techpandora. This system ensured real-time tracking of stock levels, automated order processing, and seamless integration with the e-commerce platform to prevent overselling or stockouts.

  4. User-Centric Design Approach: The website design was centered around providing an optimal user experience. Cuebites implemented features such as intuitive navigation, clear product categorization, and a secure and easy-to-use checkout process to enhance customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business.


  1. Distinctive Brand Identity: Techpandora now boasts a unique and recognizable brand identity that aligns with its target audience and goals. The cohesive visual elements contribute to a consistent and memorable brand image.

  2. User-Friendly E-commerce Platform: The website designed and developed by Cuebites provides a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The diverse product range is presented in an organized manner, enabling users to easily find and purchase their desired items.

  3. Automated Inventory Management: The implemented inventory management system has significantly improved operational efficiency for Techpandora. Real-time tracking and automation have minimized the risk of errors and allowed the company to better manage its stock levels.

  4. Expanded Product Range Showcase: Techpandora’s website effectively showcases a wide range of products, including tech solutions, clothing, kitchen tools, beauty and health items, cleaning tools, and gaming accessories. The organized presentation enhances customer engagement and encourages exploration.


Cuebites successfully undertook the challenge posed by Techpandora, delivering not only a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website but also a distinctive brand identity and an automated inventory management system. The project stands as a testament to Cuebites’ ability to provide comprehensive digital solutions that enhance brand visibility, improve user experiences, and optimize business operations. Techpandora is now well-positioned to thrive in the competitive e-commerce landscape with an enhanced brand image and an efficient online platform.

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